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Beautifully located between the hills and mountains of Jämtland

Gäddede Camping & Cabins

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Jämtland Härjedalen

The region has a unique flora and fauna and is famous for its accessible wilderness, superb homemade foods and five clearly defined seasons. The region is located in the southern part of northern Sweden. It has a population of around 127,000 people with some 60,000 living in its only city Östersund. The major ski resorts in the region are Åre, Vemdalen, Funäsfjällen and Lofsdalen. Östersund meanwhile is a major centre for trip skating on lake ice and cross-country skiing.

Gäddede Camping & Cabins

Sagavägen 9, 833 61 Gäddede, SWEDEN

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Cabin 2 persons

SEK 250 per night

Camping site, Camper places, Stuga’s

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Starting with SEK 170/night

Camping site for caravans, campers and tents. 5 Basic 2 person cabins. 4 Basic 4 person summer cabins. 12 Fully equipped 4 person stuga’s (including kitchen, bathroom, sofa, TV).

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Cabin all year round SEK 900/night

Gäddede Camping & Cabins

Sagavägen 9, 833 61 Gäddede, SWEDEN

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0046 (0)70 574 82 94

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