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The highest paved road in Sweden

Wilderness road

The Wilderness Road is the highest paved road in Sweden and stretches between Jämtland and Lapland. The road is one of few roads through the Swedish mountain range and as it passes over the mighty Stekenjokk Plateau it gives you direct access to the mountains from your car door. The entire Wilderness Road is a 500 km stretch through some of the most spectacular parts of northern Scandinavia.

Getting there

The trip along the Wilderness Road is most easily done with your car, caravan or camper. It is possible to rent a car in Strömsund or Vilhelmina.

Spot wildlife

In the deep forests, bears, wolves, moose and mountain foxes move as they have done since ancient times.

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Adventure and amazing sights to see

The Wilderness Road in northern Sweden is beautiful. One of the most beautiful roads they have in Sweden. And Helena drove the road and she can’t wait to go back for more adventurers there! Click on the link below to read and see about the amazing sights she saw.

Note: The highest parts of the Wilderness Road over Stekenjokk is only open from the beginning of June until the middle of October due to vast amounts of snow, not uncommonly depths of up to 6 meters.


The entire Wilderness Road is 500 km. The stretch Strömsund- Stekenjokk- Vilhelmina is 370km. Remember that there are no shops, accomodation or filling stations between Stora Blåsjön and Klimpfjäll. Look at the map in detail.


Follow the map and you will visit these Swedisch villages: Vilhelmina, Kittelfjäll, Fatmomakke, Saxnäs, Klimpfjäll, Åsele, Dorotea, Borgafjäll, Strömsund, Gäddede, Backe-Rossön, Hammerdal, Hoting-Norråker, Frostviksfjällen Read more.

Accessible waterfalls, such as Hällingsåfallet

There are several easily accessible waterfalls along Vildmarksvägen especially the part that goes over the mountains near Stekenjokk. Several of the waterfalls are directly adjacent to Vildmarksvägen and require no more than a short walk.

In the municipality of Strömsund in northern Jämtland lies the Hällingsåfallet. The 42-meter-high fall crashes into an 800-meter-long canyon that shimmers in all the colors of the rainbow. In winter, the fall freezes and forms fantastic ice formations. Read more.

Land of the reindeer

If you are going to ride the Wilderness road this summer, it is good to remember that you are in the land of the reindeer. Up at Stekenjokk you are in reindeer herding land and in the calving area of Northern Jämtland and Southern Lapland Sami villages, which causes special caution and consideration. Read more.

Meet the Sami

The Sami are located in four different countries: Russia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This area is called Sápmi and is the land of the Sami. Sápmi spreads throughout the northern part of the Northern Calotte, from the Russian Kola Peninsula in the east to the Swedish landscape of Dalarna in the south. Sápmi as a concept includes both the land of Sápmi and the people of Sami. Jämtland and southern Lapland belong to the southern Sami area. Read more.

Local food

Along the Vildmarksvägen, more and more farm shops and food producers have been established in recent years, all of which have their own niche. In the menus of our restaurants you will find char from Malgomaj, bread from Jormvattnet, cheese from Högland and smoked reindeer meat from Vilhelmina. Read more.

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For a convenient stay

After a day of activities, you can relax at the campsite. Take a swim in the pool and to continue with a typical Swedish meal in our restaurant.

Restaurant & Bar


The reception is the centre of the campsite. On the camping you will also find a small but cosy restaurant for food and drinks with a skyline over the lake. The menu includes some typical Swedish dishes, such as meatballs.

Pool & Play


At the campsite there are several facilities to relax or to play by the children. An outdoor swimming pool, sauna, showers, playground, pétanque, recreation room, table tennis table, midgetgolf.

Adventure & Nature


The route to the campsite from Strömsund or Vilhelmina via the Wilderness Road (road 342) is an experience in itself. It passes beautiful landscapes, past rivers, lakes and waterfalls, such as the stair-shaped Trappstegsforsen.

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