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Guided Tours

When staying at Camping Gäddede, you can enter our reception for tailor-made advice for various day trips accompanied by an experienced guide.

Discover Strömsund

Discover in Sweden’s sixth largest municipality there are unique places like the Bjurälven, the Coral Cave and the Hällingsåfallet

Or Rent a boat

3 Boats are for rent. Boats without motor and boats with motor.

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Guided tours in Gäddede and Strömsund

Gäddede camping offers you guided tour for to look-out for wild animals like moose, beer and many more. Or a one day guided tour to the highest summit Sielkentjakke 1315 möh, at Frostviken. Meet us at the reception for your next adventure.


The coral cave was discovered in 1985 and so far 6 km of corridors and halls have been explored, making the cave the longest in Sweden. Together with the guide, you can feel like a real celeb, travel through narrow passages and see large cave rooms.


Rapelling along the canyon of Hällingsåfallet. The guide anchors the rope in a tree, and then it’s time to start the real adventure. You hold on the rope and slowly begin to step back towards the edge. The brave dare to step down the cliff to the narrow strip of beach below. The view is incredible for anyone who has the guts to look around. Down in the canyon we look around and experience the power of the rushing water before moving up a narrow ravine at the edge of the canyon.

Beaver Safari in Bjurälven

You paddle from the last outpost of civilization into the crystal-clear waters of the Bjurälven river. The silent movement forward allows for close encounters with the mystical beaver. It’s a four-hour tour of paddling and safari, containing a “fika” stop, in the untouched nature of a large nature reserve. In Bjurälven we have the oldest family of beavers in Sweden. Since their arrival in 1921, the wilderness of Bjurälven Nature Reserve has become a real beaver paradise with excellent chances to see them. But this tour is not like any other beaver safari – it’s a wilderness experience in an area completely uninhabited and untouched by humans.

Unique horse riding experiences

You can go horseback riding anywhere in Sweden. Whether in Iceland ponies or you go in Western style. Plenty of options. We are happy to give you two tips that are special: horseback riding with Korpens Öga or with Kjell Westums. Get on and enjoy the views!

Frostvikens observatorium

Frostviken Observatory is located right next to the Kvarnberg waterfront, located at Gäddede Camping and the Pilgrims Hotel. The observatory has a 16-inch Medea telescope and here you have the opportunity to look at stars and celestial cups. There is also a planetarium.

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For a convenient stay

After a day of activities, you can relax at the campsite. Take a swim in the pool and to continue with a typical Swedish meal in our restaurant.

Restaurant & Bar


The reception is the centre of the campsite. On the camping you will also find a small but cosy restaurant for food and drinks with a skyline over the lake. The menu includes some typical Swedish dishes, such as meatballs.

Pool & Play


At the campsite there are several facilities to relax or to play by the children. An outdoor swimming pool, sauna, showers, playground, pétanque, recreation room, table tennis table, midgetgolf.

Adventure & Nature


The route to the campsite from Strömsund or Vilhelmina via the Wilderness Road (road 342) is an experience in itself. It passes beautiful landscapes, past rivers, lakes and waterfalls, such as the stair-shaped Trappstegsforsen.

Summer Rates

Cabin all year round SEK 900/night

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